A Patient-Focused Physiotherapist in Peppermint Grove

For those looking for exceptional physiotherapy services in Peppermint Grove, the Orthology Physio team is here for you every step of the way. Years of training have ensured our physiotherapists have the skills to tend to top tier athletes, having worked with the Australian Rugby Union and Australian Football League in addition to many other sporting institutions, to ensure that top level athletes get the therapy that they need to perform at their peak.

Our physiotherapy skills are also excellently suited to commonly suffered injuries, such as joint, back and neck pain and headaches. It is our objective to have you return to your daily life pain free and as effortlessly as possible. The dedication of Orthology Physio to the field of physiotherapy is reflected in our membership to professional bodies such as the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Sports Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

Physiotherapy Services provided by Orthology Physio

Because every body is different, Orthology Physio ensure that our service is different for each patient. To achieve this, we provide a tailored assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan to find the best possible way to treat each one of our patients. Whether you have a rolled ankle or pulled shoulder we aim to help you with finding best possible avenue for recovery.

In the event of serious injuries, such as those arising from sports, motor vehicle accidents and work accidents, we can create a long-term plan that will grant you the freedom from pain and discomfort you deserve.

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If you’ve been experiencing pain on a regular basis, we want to be able to return you to your comfortable, healthy self. Residents of Peppermint Grove should contact our team of physiotherapists to ensure that their quality of life isn’t affected, whether work, rest or play. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment!