Physiotherapists in Mosman Park

Orthology Physio provide residents of Mosman Park exceptional physiotherapy services to ensure the road to recovery is not only a swift one, but a pleasant one. We achieve these excellent results by pairing the considerable expertise of our team with a range of cutting edge physiotherapy services.

Our experience in the field is reflected in our strong relationships with sporting institutions across Australia, such as several Olympic athletes, the New York Jets, the Australian Rugby Union and the Australian Football League.

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

Our team has the training to manage the injuries of elite athletes as well as commonly suffered pains and injuries, such as headaches and joint pain. Our success comes through a tailored management plan that we apply to every patient we see consisting of assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Effective rehabilitation is crucial for long term health, which is why we place great importance on quality rehabilitation services. Orthology Physio can take care of post-operative patients within Bethesda Private Hospital to manage care effectively from the point of operation until complete recovery occurs. This is made easier through our relationships with leading orthopaedic surgeons, specialists, sports physicians and radiologist, which allows our patients to consistently receive the best care possible.

Contact us for Mosman Park physio services

If you’re suffering aches and pains, whether they have occurred as a result of sports, an auto accident, or daily life, make sure to get in touch with our team today. From there, we can easily arrange an appointment at the most convenient time for you and set you on the road to recovery. If you have any questions at all for us, make sure to send your enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.