A Patient-Focused Physiotherapist in West Perth

Orthology Physio is comprised of a team committed to healing patients by pairing expertise with cutting edge physiotherapy services.

Our team have forged relationships with a wide range of sporting institutions with our physio work, such as the Australian Rugby Union, Australian Football League, the Western Force, the New York Jets, in addition to a variety of other sporting organisations and Olympic athletes. Our team are also members of professional bodies, including the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Sports Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

Physiotherapy Services at Orthology Physio

The physiotherapists we have on staff at Orthology Physio can manage a large assortment of conditions related to physiotherapy. We can provide therapeutic means to manage issues that have resulted from common injuries, such as a pulled shoulder or rolled ankle, allowing you the freedom to feel fully active again. To achieve this, we make sure to provide every patient with a tailored assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. It is by cultivating a highly specific care plan that we ensure our patients are able to recover more effectively in the shortest possible time.

In addition to our remedying of commonly suffered joint, back and neck pain and headaches, the team can offer specialised treatment to manage injuries related to sports, motor vehicle accidents and work accidents.

Long term physiotherapy results

Although response management is crucial, we like to emphasise the importance of rehabilitation for long term health. We are able to see post-operative patients within Bethesda Private Hospital to ensure continuation of care is possible from the point of operation until our patients are able to return to the day-today activities. Our relationships with leading orthopaedic surgeons, specialists, sports physicians, rheumatologists and radiologists ensure our patients always receive the best care possible on the road to recovery.

If there are root problems that are causing issues, our physiotherapists will work to find out how to manage your lifestyle to minimise future instances of discomfort. As many back and spine problems can be caused by weak core muscles, the spine is left without proper support and debilitating issues can eventually develop. To manage an issue like this, Orthology Physio offer Clinical Pilates, an exercise regime that specifically targets these muscles and gently strengthens them.

Visit Orthology physio today

If you’re experiencing pains, we recommend you book an appointment with one our experienced team members today. The convenient locations of our physio clinics in Cottesloe and West Perth ensures we remain accessible to many surrounding suburbs, including Dalkeith, Subiaco, Claremont, Mosman Park, and Peppermint Grove.